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I help people gain clarity around their purpose by showing them how they are energetically designed to operate.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in people and how we all relate to one another. I've been able to sense what people are gifted at, see their potential and passions - without knowing that was my 'thing'. Coaching has always been a natural fit. 

When I first started my business coaching practice in 2015 (way before it was cool) I was teaching marketing strategy. But I could see where my clients weren't showing up for themselves. People would hire me to teach them about sales funnels but I could see the reason for their sales problem ran so much deeper than not having the right strategy.

We all need meaning, purpose, happiness, and a feeling of having made a difference - we aren't here to conform and self-sacrifice.

It was like having an overhead view of their lives and business and I could see everything - without having to ask many questions. I just knew. It was clear to me that they just couldn't see how powerful they were. And they weren't showing up.

Before 2015, I had transitioned from being a teacher, to being a marketer, to a counsellor, to a marketer again, to a business owner ... with degrees, certifications, and lots of training in between. The only cord stringing these things together was that I could teach what I had embodied myself. Mentorship came easy. I knew how to help people identify their purpose and I knew how to guide them toward "fixing" their business. 


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We all have unique gifts and superpowers that we are born with. Knowing how to apply them in your business is key.

Since those days, I have put so many puzzle pieces together and have seen clients who struggled with their businesses, not knowing how they could show up authentically online.

The magic happened when I began mixing trusted business strategies with spiritual practices. Strategy can only get you so far, before you run into roadblocks or can't seem to put into action what you learn. 

In my work I recognized pretty quickly that business and life are so intertwined. Our personal conditioning and subconscious thoughts around money and success really impact our ability to perform as an entrepreneur.

You cannot address one without the other. I couldn't be a good business coach without addressing all the pieces of my client's life and business.

This is where Human Design came in.

Human Design is a system that helps us uncover how we are designed to live our most authentic life. Not only is it a valuable self-awareness tool, my method involves using it as a tool to understand how my clients are naturally designed to market, sell and grow their business. A person's chart can pinpoint their  innate gifts and how they can create offers,  their natural strategy for attracting sales, how they are designed to show up online as a brand, and where they are playing small.

Knowing your Human Design can give you permission to do business in a way that feels aligned and correct for your energy. 

Doing Business in this New way 

The side-effect of being 100% you? The clients who are meant to work with you will find you.

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Amanda brings years of digital marketing knowledge to the coaching industry. Blending strategy with spiritual principles like Manifestation, Human Design, Astrology and energetics, she helps women identify their PurposeWork ™ and build successful online businesses. 

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Slow mornings, time by the ocean, marketing, podcasts, sunshine, books and roadtrips


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  • How do I know if my business is in alignment?
  • How do I launch my offers and products in a way that feels correct for me and my energy?
  • How do I create offers and products that are aligned? 
  • How am I meant to show up in the world (on social media and in my marketing)?
  • How can I avoid burnout and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels but getting nowhere?
  • How can I magnetize people to me and grow my business?



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